Director: Grainne Byrne
Set & Costume Designer: Celestine Healy
Space Performance Space One CSSD

This was the Verbatim project performed with second year Collaborative and Devised Acting students. The performance was devised from research and verbatim text about the American Tobacco Industry. Using our research we worked as a company along with sound, lighting and media designers, stage and technical managers. It was a constantly developing piece that evolved as we played and experimented with it. The play was fast paced and flashed through different time periods and locations; because of this the set was minimalistic and adapted with the performance. The costumes gave a flavour of the different places the performers were leading the audience. Both sound and lighting technicians desks were on stage and became part of the performance, cueing off each other using hand gestures.
Set & Costume Designer. 
Hackney, London.